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Police Science


Associate of Applied Science in Police Science

The Police Science program prepares you to become a law enforcement professional in the State of Ohio. Program courses provide hand-on training in criminalistics, photography, interrogation techniques and dispatching practices. You will also have the opportunity to become certified in firearms, unarmed self-defense techniques, armed private security officer and other areas of law enforcement specialty training. The program includes two police practicums with law enforcement agencies - the first with emergency communications in a 911 radio center, the second a student ride-along where the student experiences first-hand the daily responsibilities of a law enforcement professional

Police Science students may also gain further experience in an internship program with the Hocking College Police Department.  Police Science students who have successfully completed one year of the Police Science program and the OPOTC Peace Officer Basic Training, 582-hour program, may be selected into a one year internship with the Hocking College Police Department as a Reserve Police Officer.

The Police Science Program includes the Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Academy and the Ohio Private Security Academy authorized by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.  Upon successful completion of the academy course work, the student may sit for exams to become an Ohio Certified Peace Officer or an Ohio Certified Armed Private Security Officer.

Program Outcomes

The following outcomes are skills, behaviors, and attitudes cultivated in students seeking the Associate in Applied Science in Police Science:

  • Demonstrate ethical behavior in all aspects of the profession including cultural diversity, racism, sexism, corruption, and public trust;
  • Identify crimes in accordance with Ohio Revised Code;
  • Classify crimes in accordance with Ohio Revised Code;
  • Determine that the elements of a crime have been committed;
  • Determine the cause of a motor vehicle collision;
  • Perform crime prevention activities with outside agencies;
  • Recommend crime prevention techniques for specific needs;
  • Use appropriate professional behavior;
  • Communicate effectively in the writing of basic and investigative reports;
  • Communicate effectively verbally in the presentation of speeches and demonstrations;
  • Testify effectively in court and present evidence in accordance with Ohio and Federal Rules of Evidence;
  • Perform crime scene photography and present it as evidence in a mock court;
  • Perform accident scene photography and present it as evidence in court;
  • Perform evidence photography and present it as evidence in court;
  • Demonstrate competence in general crime scene processing;
  • Demonstrate physically a document that maintains the chain of evidence while processing a mock crime scene;
  • Maintain training/duty equipment and work area for safety while conducting academic pursuits;
  • Demonstrate through academic exercise the utilization of applicable law enforcement math skills at mock crime scenes;
  • Demonstrate through academic exercise the utilization of applicable law enforcement math skills at mock accident scenes;
  • Demonstrate through academic exercise the ability to assess and respond to various situations quickly during mock experiential learning exercises;
  • Work cooperatively with other public safety service agencies utilizing practicums and projects in the field;
  • Meet or exceed Force Continuum competencies; and,
  • Demonstrate improvement in physical fitness and wellness education through initial and summative physical assessments during the prescribed period of time.



Associate of Applied Science in Police Science

Course of Study

For students entering May 2013

COURSE NO.FIRST SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
CJ-1121Constitutional, Criminal and Civil Law2.000.002.00$70.00
PSCI-1132Law Enforcement Photography2.003.003.00$200.00
PSCI-1102Ethics and Modern Day Policing2.003.003.00$100.00
PSCI-1161Police Computer Applications2.003.003.00$50.00
ENGL-1122English Composition I3.000.003.00$40.00
PSS-1101Public Safety Services Fitness & Health0.003.001.00$50.00
GS-1000HC Cornerstone1.000.001.00$40.00
PSCI-1115Introduction to Policing2.000.002.00$50.00
COURSE NO.SECOND SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
CJ-1222Criminal Rules and Procedures2.000.002.00$50.00
ENGL-2225Technical Writing3.000.003.00$30.00
PSYC-1101General Psychology3.000.003.00$15.00
PSCI-1216Police Firearms2.003.003.00$550.00
MATH-1108Intermediate Algebra3.000.003.00$40.00
PSS-1102Public Safety Services Fitness & Health0.003.001.00$50.00
PSCI-2270Leadership, Supervision & Administration2.000.002.00$50.00
ENGL-1104Job Search Techniques1.000.001.00$15.00
COURSE NO.THIRD SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
PSCI-2106Radio Dispatch 9111.003.002.00$175.00
PSCI-2260Interviews, Interrogation and Arrest Pro1.00300.002.00$70.00
PSCI-2298PS Communications and Patrol Practicum1.008.002.00$50.00
CHEM-1101Fundamentals of Chemistry3.003.004.00$50.00
PSS-2101Public Safety Services Fitness & Health0.003.001.00$50.00
PSCI-2245Traffic Laws and Crash Investigation1.003.002.00$125.00
CJ-2209Homeland Security & Terrorism2.000.002.00$50.00
COURSE NO.FOURTH SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
PSCI-2255Peace Officer Basic Academy25.0015.0018.00$3,100.00


Hocking College reserves the right to modify curricular requirements, to change course content, and change course fees at any time.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation from the Police Science program, OPOTC Peace Officer Basic Academy or the OPOTC Private Security Academy, students become qualified for employment as a law enforcement or private security officer in the State of Ohio.  Career opportunities for law enforcement officers are available at the state and local level in police departments, sheriff offices and state enforcement agencies.  Career opportunities for private security include providing security for the medical, chemical, financial, commerce, housing, retail and entertainment industries.

Occupation Profile

Hocking College
3301 Hocking Parkway
Nelsonville, OH 45764