The Cashier's Office at Hocking College is responsible for transactions pertaining to money, such as:

Important Information

An email showing the student's schedule and statement of account is sent to the student within 24 hours after registration is complete. It is the student's responsibility to check their account balance any time during the term and inform his/her parents(s)/guardian of the amount that is owed to the college. When a student add(s)/drop(s) classes, any changes in the account is reflected on the statement provided to the student at the time of transaction. No statement will be mailed during the term.

  • A late fee of $100 will be assessed if the balance is not paid in full at the end of the term.

  • To avoid delay in processing your requests, please contact the telephone number listed directly. Leave your name, telephone number and a brief message, if necessary. Please allow 24 hours for a return call.

    Current Semester Payment Plan740.753.7022
    Make a payment/account Inquiry740.753.7029
    Past-due accounts740.753.7021
    Third-party sponsors740.753.7066

    You can also call the main Cashier's Office telephone number (740-753-7029) with questions about:

    • Student Accounts
    • Petty Cash
    • On Campus Housing Deposit
    • Adding Money to a Meal Plan
    • Semester Payment Plan
    • Direct Deposit Information

    • Full payment upon registration
    • Full Financial Aid
    • Full Third Party
    • Enroll in Hocking College Semester Payment Pan ($30 non-refundable enrollment fee)
    • Combination of the above

    Review Pay For College for directions on making payment to the college.

    • Log On:
    • Click on:
    • Web Advisor
    • Click on:
    • Students
    • Click on:
    • Log In
    • Enter:
    • User ID/Password
    • Click on:
    • Main Menu
    • Under Financial Information, click on "Account Summary:"
    Amount Not Currently Due 0.00 If total payments are more than total charges, refunds will be sent.
    Balance Forward 0.00 Amount owed from the previous term
    Current Charges 0.00 Charges for the current term
    Financial Aid Payments 0.00 Payments from Financial Aid
    Financial Aid Remaining 0.00 Any additional Financial Aid to be released
    Payment Plans 0.00 Not currently an active field
    Refunds -0.00 Total payments are more than total charges
    Sponsor Payments 0.00 Third party sponsor payments
    Student Payments 0.00 Payments received from student
    Total Amount Currently Due 0.00 Total charges are more than total payments
    Total Charges 0.00 Balance forward plus current charges
    Total Payments 0.00 Student payments plus Financial Aid payments plus sponsor payments

  • Mailed to students to the preferred address listed in WebAdvisor.

    To sign up for direct deposit, submit the Direct Deposit Form to the Cashiers Office with the required documentation. Incomplete information or documentation will result in your refund check being mailed. It takes approximately three weeks after your form is received for your direct deposit to take effect.

    Direct Deposit Form

    • To drop a class(es) or withdraw from the college (If student decides not to attend Hocking College):

      Before the start of the Term No charge (except for non-refundable fees or classes that have started).
      First day of the term up through the 15th calendar day of the term 85% Adjustment of charges (except for non-refundable fees or classes that have not started).
      After the 15th calendar day of the term. Full charge
      Flex Classes: No charge before the start of the course. Full charge after the start of the class.

      FLEX Courses may be added through the first day of the course.
      FLEX Courses dropped after the first day of the term will receive a "DP" on the transcript.

    • On Campus Housing:

      $50 Application fee: Non-refundable
      $400 Deposit: Non-refundable after the payment deadline date for that term.(autumn application only)
    • Room Charges (If withdrawing from college):

      Before Start term (or Smart Start): 100 percent adjustment except deposit
      First day of term up to the 15th calendar day of the term: 85 percent adjustment except deposit
      After the 15th calendar day of the term: Full charge
  • The financial obligation for registration will be cancelled only if the student officially follows the withdrawal process before the start of the term:

    • Complete a withdrawal form, available at the Registrar's Office, located on the Student Services Concourse, first floor of Light Hall, Room 253.
    • Mail the completed form to Registrar's Office, Light Hall 253, Attn: Adeana Meadows, 3301 Hocking Parkway, Nelsonville, OH 45764 or email from the student's Hocking College email.
    • Include in the body of the email:
      1. first & last name
      2. student ID number or last 4 digits of the social security number
      3. date of birth
      4. current mailing address
      5. the term from which they are withdrawing
    • Withdrawal will be official the date the email or withdrawal form is received at the Registrar's Office or from the Student Academic Coordinator of the department. This date is also used to determine any adjustments for residence hall charges (if applicable). For questions, call 740.753.7007. Student is responsible for any charges on the account if he/she did not follow the withdrawal process.
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