Stained Glass Stars Fundraiser

On Friday, December 6, stained glass stars and small image frames will be available for purchase in Oakley 308 until 2:30 p.m., as is the tradition at this time of year.

The sale is first come, first served.  Please have cash or a check made out to Cindy Yeager.  Each piece will be individually priced. What is not sold will be going into local shops at the usual mark up, so this is your only chance to buy at 25 percent less than retail. Anyone bringing in a new or gently used woven (not chain, not retractable) leash, $5 will be deducted from your purchase.

Funds from the sale will be used to support Hocking College's 12-year long partnership with Noble Correctional Institution. The inmates participate in a program designed to rescue dogs that have been left at the local animal shelters and have not been adopted. The inmates train the dogs for basic obedience to make them more desirable to be adopted. The sales contribute to the program's basic needs, such as leashes, collars, bedding, treats, toys, and recently a portable agility course. Inmates in this project typically correspond with the students in the Ethics class, although no classes are currently running.

Thanks for your help in supporting this worthy endeavor. Please contact Cindy Yeager with any questions.

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