• Downhour and North Hall - Double Suites
    Hocking Heights - Single, Double and Triple Rooms
    Summit on the River - Double and Triple rooms
    Sycamore Hall - One Single, Doubles and Triple Rooms

  • No. The college admission application and housing application are two different processes. You must be accepted to the college before your housing application can be processed.

  • Residence Hall applications are processed in the order they are received with required fees paid. Students are encouraged six to seven months before the start of the term. It is recommended that applications be submitted no later than at least two months prior to the beginning of the term. However, there is no official deadline for application.

  • Navigate to https://apply.hocking.edu.

    If you have not used the system before please use the form on the left to create your account to apply for housing.

    If you have used the system before use the form on the right to login to complete your application for housing.

    Under "Available Applications" click "On-Campus Housing Application". Complete the application and you will be queued to be matched and placed in a dorm.

  • Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

    • Non-refundable application fee of $50. (Paid annually);
    • Reservation Fee of $400 (Due by August 1st)
      • Once the reservation fee is paid, the applicant is locked in to their first available housing preference.
    • If you apply:
      Summer Term Only - Pay application fee.
      Start Autumn Term - Pay application fee plus Reservation Fee.
      Spring Term Only - Pay application fee.
    • If you already paid an application fee for the year, you do not have to pay again (ex. If you applied for Summer Term and also applied for Autumn Term, you only pay $50 once).
    • If the applicant cancels in writing before the due date of the applied term, the full reservation fee is refundable.
    • If you cancel after the payment due date for the applied term, the reservation fee is not refundable.
    • If you fulfill the term of the contract the reservation fee will be credited towards your Spring Term room charge.
    • Late applicants (applicants submitting application after the payment deadline): If a room is reserved for you and an invoice has been mailed or you were notified over the telephone, your reservation fee is non-refundable.
    • Summer Term - Will cover only Summer Term.
    • Autumn Term - Will cover Autumn Term through Spring Term.
    • Spring Term - Will cover only Spring Term.
  • Upon receipt of the application, a confirmation letter will be sent to the applicant confirming receipt of the application and fees. If the required fee is not received, it will delay the application process. Applications submitted without the application fee will not be processed.

  • No.

    • Send a letter to the Housing Office stating your intentions of cancelling your application.
    • The date the letter is received will determine if the deposit is refundable or not.
    • Cancelling your housing does not automatically cancel your registration. To cancel your classes, you need to follow the Withdrawal process
  • Housing payment deadlines are as follows:

    • Autumn Term: August 1st
    • Spring Term: January 1st
    • Summer Term: May 1st

  • Yes, you can. We offer a semester payment plan.

    • You will receive a invoice from the housing office which includes a payment deadline.
    • Any applications received after the deadline dates will be processed on a first come, first pay basis.
    • In order to be assigned a room, method of payment must be established by the deadline date.
    • Autumn and Spring Terms statements will be mailed to current residents approximately one month before the deadline date. It is the responsibility of the resident to inform their parent/guardian/sponsor regarding their bill. No statement will be mailed to the parents/guardian/sponsor.
    • Your financial aid is applied to tuition/general service fees and course fees before you can use it for paying your room and board.
    • You cannot use financial aid to pay for your application or reservation fees.
  • You will be assessed a $25.00 late fee for not paying for your on-campus housing by the due date.

  • Facility & room assignments will depend on the date the application with the required fees is received. Late applicants will be processed on a first come, first pay basis.

    Autumn & Spring Term room requests will depend on room availability. We cannot guarantee your request. Returning students are given priority room assignments, provided they have complied with the application requirements and paid all fees by the deadline date.

  • Yes, you can but it must be a mutual request. The person you are requesting must also request you in his/her application as well. You need to provide the name and the student ID number of the person you are requesting.

  • Roommates are assigned using a variety of information and space availability. The Director of Residence Life will make every attempt to accommodate mutual requests.

    • General parking is available on campus for all residential students. However, a parking pass is required. Parking passes can be obtained from the Cashiers Office for $53 for Autumn and Spring terms and $35 for Summer term.
    • Reserved numbered parking is available for residents of Downhour, Hocking Heights, and the North Halls for $75 per term. Spaces will be available for sale during the first week of the term at the Cashiers office.
    • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Your ID will also serve as your meal card. You need to have your picture taken at the ID Office. Meal cards will be available for pick up at the ID Office anytime after you check in.

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