Tue, Sep 25th, 2012
Hocking College Logan Campus will host Jim Lemon, International Trade Regulatory Expert for United Technologies Corporation in Washington, D.C., to present a free forum on Monday, October 22 at 5 p.m. about the automobile that he has modified to run off of various alternative fuels.

Lemon's concern about our nation's heavy reliance on oil as a transportation fuel sparked his interest in the modification of a vehicle that would allow the consumer to choose the energy the vehicle would consume. This also would provide consumers with the ability to choose from a variety of renewable and non-renewable fuel and energy sources based on price, availability, convenience, trip distance and/or environmental impact.

In early 2012, Lemon took a production vehicle, Toyota Prius Hybrid-electric, and adapted it to be able to run on electricity, methane gas (CNG), gasoline or gasohol. This unique vehicle gets 50+ miles per gallon and can travel 650 miles without stopping. The total cost of the vehicle and its modifications was approximately $20,000.

During the discussion forum, Lemon will debate the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to focus on what he believes is truly our country's most serious and enduring energy threat, in addition to presenting the modified vehicle that he independently developed as a way to address that threat. He will discuss its modifications, reasoning behind the changes, how the vehicle operates, environmental aspects, and compare it to other alternative fuel vehicles.

The free forum is open to the public at the Hocking College Logan Campus, located at 30140 Iles Road, Logan, Ohio 43138. Please contact Ava Mowery at 740.380.9315 to register to attend or for more information.
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