Tue, Jun 11th, 2013

During summer session 2013, Hocking College is working with the leading course materials management company, Nelsonville-based ED MAP, on a pilot that will provide transfer module students with 100 percent of their textbooks at a significantly reduced cost.

This digital option will allow students to download the material when they need it, eliminating the problem of sold out print copies in the bookstore. This also benefits late registrants, enabling them to access the course material immediately.

Not only will this create a smaller ecological footprint for the Hocking College community, it also saves them money. Students will pay a minimal course fee, which will include the price of the eTextbook. If students wish to purchase a book in print, they may use their credit card to pay the difference between the eTextbook and the print edition.

The summer trial will be followed by a fall trial of only the transfer module courses. No other programs will be affected during the trial stages. If the trials prove successful, the college will adapt the policy campus-wide.

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