Fri, Jul 12th, 2013

Through the Perkins Grant process, Hocking College's School of Allied Health has received the funding of seven Perkins Grants. Dean Bonnie Allen-Smith and the Faculty of the School of Allied Health deserve much credit for leading the charge and reviewing/editing.

All of the following grants were accepted due to their alignment with the Hocking College Strategic Plan:

  • Yvette Johnson-Surgical Technology: Grant is a joint program with COTC. Funds from this grant will outfit the new designated lab space for the cohort of 20 Surgical Technology students within Allied Health.
  • Vance Parkerson-Biological Sciences: Grant will fund equipment purchased for the hands-on learning experience for the students attending Anatomy and Physiology courses on the Hocking College Perry Campus.
  • Dale Pratt-Harrington-Biological Sciences: Funds will be used to create a consistent and equitable experience for approximately 100 students utilizing Biological Sciences labs on all four of Hocking College's campuses, specifically on the Logan Campus.
  • Emily Boyer-Biological Sciences: Grant will fund the Nelsonville campus' curriculum revision, which requires updated lab equipment to benefit more than 800 students per year in nine programs within Allied Health, Nursing, ABIT and Public Safety.
  • Dawn Shingler-Medical Assistant: Grant will fund the equipment to allow the students to replicate the expanding scope of practice that Medical Assistants in professional settings have witnessed in recent years.
  • Kathy West-Medical Assistant: Funding will provide the purchase of a modern ECG machine, which monitors, records and analyzes cardiac cycles of the heart.
  • Cathy Nye-Physical Therapist Assistant: Grant will allow the purchase and subsequent hands-on use of assorted physical therapy equipment used regularly in professional settings for up to 80 Hocking College students per year.
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