Wed, Sep 18th, 2013

Through the successful submission of over a dozen applications by faculty and staff for the 2013 Perkins Grants, almost every Natural Resources student will experience some exciting enhancements this year.

Among the many benefits from this grant, several programs will benefit from updated monitoring equipment, including equipment to enable students to collect water quality data more accurately. Almost all Natural Resource students will have the opportunity to practice using this state-of-the-art equipment.

As a result of one grant, the Natural Resources building will soon be able to gather and transmit live weather data, which is also important in assessing ecological data.  A weather station mounted on the roof, as well as several handheld units for use the field, will allow students to observe and record micro-climate and regional data at a much more detailed level.

The department will be sharing a 15 new iPod touch units which will be loaded with a variety of field guide applications, including programs for identifying trees, birds, fish, plants, and much more. The units can also be used to create practice quizzes and identification tests, and even take pictures of unknown species for future identification.

Other programs that have benefited from these grants are: the Equine Program, the Forestry program, the Botany and Zoology labs and NR Law Enforcement and the National Ranger Training Institute.

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