Tue, Oct 29th, 2013

Nicollete Dioguardi, JD will join Hocking College on November 4, 2013 as a Vice President of Risk Management and General Counsel.

In this position, Dioguardi will provide general counsel in legality to the Board of Trustees, the president and college officers and administrators. She will also be the Chief Compliance Officer, where she will promote a tone and culture of integrity and ethical decision-making. Dioguardi will also be responsible for the title of a Chief Human Resources Officer, where she will provide leadership and management to the Human Resources office and ensure the timely and cost effective completion of all work and projects.

Dioguardi graduated from Ohio University with her bachelor's degree and continued at Capital University Law School, where she graduated with her law degree (JD) in 1984. She is involved in multiple associations outside of her career, and has worked in the law field since graduating.

Dioguardi worked at Ohio University for nearly ten years before accepting the position with Hocking College. While at Ohio University, she was a Deputy General Counsel where she had a multitude of responsibilities including: decision making/advising, management, legal and academic research, writing and teaching, employee supervision and management and practice of federal and state law. Before that position, she gained experience as a law practitioner, assistant prosecuting attorney and executive director for Careline.

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