Hector Boiardi Scholarship

Hector Boiardi is known by millions as Chef Boy-ar-dee. He learned to cook in his native Italy and immigrated to New York to work in a hotel restaurant in the early 1920s. In 1924, he and his wife Helen opened a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. Their success in the culinary business has made Chef Boy-ar-dee a household name.

The Hector Boiardi Scholarship at Hocking College was established in 1997 with funding from the Helen Boiardi Trust. The scholarship is awarded to culinary arts students who exhibit financial need.

Amy M. Russell Memorial Scholarship

Amy Russell was a first-year student in the culinary arts program at Hocking College. She graduated from Federal Hocking High School, was a talented pianist and a writer of poetry. Amy died in 2003 at the age of 18 as the result of an automobile accident. The Memorial Scholarship was established through start-up funds from Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc. of Athens, Ohio, where Amy's father, Bill worked. Additional donations were made to the fund from family, friends and community supporters to pay tribute to Amy's hope, love and desire to achieve academically.

Scholarship awards are available to students studying culinary arts who are graduates of Federal Hocking High School.

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