The School of Nursing at Hocking College is accredited statewide by the Ohio Board of Nursing and nationally by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).  The School of Nursing offers both a Diploma in Practical Nursing (PN) and an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (RN). For students who enter Hocking College who are Licensed Practical Nurses, Hocking also offers a PN2RN program. Upon completion of each program, students are eligible to apply and take the appropriate National Council of Licensure Examination (NCLEX or NCLEX-RN). The Hocking College School of Nursing boasts passing rates that are above the state average on both the NCLEX and NCLEX-RN.

In addition to the standard requirements for Hocking College, requirements and associated costs for Hocking College students in the School of Nursing include the completion of a HESI Admission Assessment Exam in the first semester to determine the proper academic track, a background check, a physical exam, drug testing, a valid CPR certification, a State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) certification, the purchase of applicable uniforms and equipment, and adherence to clinical facility policy with regard to body piercings and tattoos.

A variety of nursing scholarships are available to students through Hocking College, Hocking College Foundation and outside sources.

Why Choose This School?
The School of Nursing at Hocking College is rich in hands-on experience. In addition to classroom and lab work, clinical experience for the program is obtained in area hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health care agencies, schools, clinics and camps. To ensure the continuance of its state and national prominence, as well as the competency of its students in the clinical setting and the work force, the School of Nursing at Hocking College has additional and higher academic standards, costs and requirements than the college at large. Students are expected to meet these standards and requirements prior to being placed on a waiting list to complete the program.

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