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Position TitleBegin DateEnd Date
Adjunct Fitness Management Instructor09/17/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Math Instructor04/25/2016Until Filled
Part-time Police Officers (Non-Bargaining)07/19/2016Until Filled
Adjunct Fire Instructor09/10/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Health Information Management (HIM) Instructor08/20/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Public Safety Services Fitness Instructor 08/13/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Heavy Equipment Management Instructor08/13/2015Until Filled
Health Information Management (HIM) Instructor08/20/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Hotel Restaurant instructor Position09/24/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Chef Instructor Position09/24/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Wildlife Management Instructor11/03/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Nursing Instructor (OB/Pediatric Theory)11/03/2015Until Filled
Adjunct Opticianry Instructor11/03/2015Until Filled
Custodian07/18/2016Until Filled
Part-Time Trio Student Support Services Academic Advisor06/28/2016Until Filled
Part-Time Office Manager, Trio Programs06/28/2016Until Filled
Adjunct Art Instructor04/22/2016Until Filled
CDL Trainer, Heavy Equipment (Adjunct - Non-Bargaining)05/19/2016Until Filled
Network Systems Adjunct Instructor06/17/2016Until Filled
English Instructor(Adjunct)06/23/2016Until Filled
Hotel/Restaurant06/23/2016Until Filled
Communication Instructor(Adjunct)06/23/2016Until Filled
Culinary Arts Instructor(Adjunct)06/23/2016Until Filled
Professional Tutor - English (Part-time, Flexible)07/13/2016Until Filled
Professional Tutor - Math (Part-time, Flexible)07/13/2016Until Filled
Accounting Instructor (Adjunct - Non-Bargaining)07/26/2016Until Filled
Business Instructor (Adjunct - Non-Bargaining)07/26/2016Until Filled
Assistant Archery Coach07/26/2016Until Filled
Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach07/26/2016Until Filled
Fitness Management Instructor (Adjunct – Non-Bargaining) 07/26/2016Until Filled
Medical Assistant Instructor (Adjunct – Non-Bargaining) 07/26/2016Until Filled
Biological Sciences Instructor (Adjunct – Non-Bargaining) 07/26/2016Until Filled
Coordinator of Counseling (Non-Bargaining) 07/26/2016Until Filled
Massage Therapy Instructor (Adjunct – Non-Bargaining) 07/28/2016Until Filled
Fitness Management Instructor (Adjunct – Non-Bargaining)07/28/2016Until Filled
Enrollment Manager (Non-Bargaining) 07/29/2016Until Filled
Enrollment Navigation Manager (Non-Bargaining) 07/29/2016Until Filled
Custodian - Logan Campus - Shift - Monday through Friday - 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (Support Bargaining)08/02/2016Until Filled
Custodian Shift Sunday through Thursday 2:00 pm to 10:30 pm (Support Staff Bargaining Unit Postion)08/02/2016Until Filled