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Interactive Multimedia


Associate in Applied Science in Interactive Multimedia

Interactive Multimedia encompasses a broad array of skills and technologies. In the Interactive Multimedia program, you will:

•    Create and manipulate digital photos
•    Create logos and artwork
•    Shoot and edit video
•    Record music and sound effects
•    Create 3D worlds
•    Design visual effects
•    Write scripts and programs to add interactivity

Interactive Multimedia also involves working with data and information. You will use standard industry tools to store, retrieve, organize and present information in a meaningful way. In this program, you will create simple websites, e-commerce portals and social media.

Learn how to create appealing websites and products that work well and meet the client’s needs. The Interactive Multimedia program allows you to work on real-world client projects to gain knowledge and skill in assessing client objectives, mapping out plans for implementation and creating a finished product that meets the client’s needs.

Begin working on your Interactive Multimedia Degree today by applying online!

Program Outcomes

The following outcomes are skills, behaviors, and attitudes cultivated in students seeking the Associate in Applied Science in Interactive Multimedia:

  • Establishes, builds, and nurtures relationships in a team environment.
  • Demonstrates professional and ethical behavior.
  • Displays personal commitment, ownership, and investment in client relationships and completion of projects.
  • Demonstrates strong knowledge of a wide range of technical skills and multimedia development tools. 
  • Creates the information architecture for a multimedia project. 
  • Plans and organizes projects effectively, responds to changes and challenges as necessary, and archives accordingly. 
  • Analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of multimedia products and makes appropriate adjustments.
  • Communicates effectively with internal and external constituents.
  • Continually acquires and adapts new skills and knowledge and evolves technical expertise in parallel with industry trends.
  • Generates creative concepts, designs, and ideas.



Associate of Applied Science in Interactive Multimedia

Course of Study

For students entering May 2016

COURSE NO.FIRST SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
IM-1101Computer Graphics2.002.003.00$225.00
EC-1102Developing & Managing an Online Business2.002.003.00$204.00
IM-1131Interactive Media I2.002.003.00$225.00
MATH-1103Applied Mathematics2.002.003.00$40.00
GS-1000HC Cornerstone1.000.001.00$80.00
NET-1100Web Page Design2.002.003.00$100.00
COURSE NO.SECOND SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
IM-1132Interactive Media II2.004.004.00$275.00
IM-1150Design Concepts2.002.003.00$225.00
CS-1100Problem Solving and Analysis2.002.003.00$75.00
ART-1110Art Appreciation3.000.003.00$30.00
***Natural Science Elective0.000.003.00
COURSE NO.THIRD SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
IM-2210Video Production & Compositing2.004.004.00$450.00
IM-2133Interactive Media III2.004.004.00$275.00
MUS-1130Introduction to Digital Production3.002.004.00$300.00
ENGL-1510English Composition I4.000.004.00$50.00
COURSE NO.FOURTH SEMESTERClass HoursLab HoursCredit HoursCourse Fee
IM-2250Three-D Graphics1.002.002.00$225.00
IM-2260Multimedia Portfolio Development (SL)$315.00
ENGL-1104Job Search Techniques1.000.001.00$15.00
***Social Science Elective0.000.003.00


Hocking College reserves the right to modify curricular requirements, to change course content, and change course fees at any time.

Career Opportunities

Although the top choices for graduates with Interactive Multimedia degrees include web developers, multimedia artists/animators or graphic designers, many more possibilities are available. As a graduate of the Interactive Multimedia Technology you can choose from a number of job titles including:

  • animator
  • audio/visual specialist
  • media designer
  • production assistant
  • virtual reality designer
  • web designer
  • web developer
  • multimedia programmer
  • web content designer
  • writer
  • project manager
  • visual design consultant
  • etc.

Occupation Profile

Hocking College

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Nelsonville, OH 45764