Tue, Aug 27th, 2013

Hocking College student, Ndeye Penda Leye of Senegal, was named one of the 20 international winners of the Global Dialogues National Narrative contest.

Nearly 13,000 entries were received from countries around the world. Participants had creative freedom to write fiction or non-fiction, create a video, play, poem or short story, but all had to be of the same subject: violence or HIV/AIDS and sexuality.

2013 is the first year youths from communities in the USA were invited to contribute.

Penda's story was written in excellent English, Penda's third language. Her fictional story was titled "Tears of an Angel" and it depicted the horrific mind games played by child sex abusers and the strong, exemplary response of a compassionate and loving parent.

Winners of the Global Dialogue's international contest are eligible to receive a cash prize and the top two or three entries worldwide will have the opportunity to see their stories made into films.

The Global Dialogues contest is an annual event. Global Dialogues strives to make sure youth's voices are heard through their own form of empowerment. Global Dialogues also pride their organization on the ability to promote global public health and societal well-being.

For further information about the Global Dialogues pilot project in Athens, Ohio, please contact Gary Molina at 740.664.0134. More information is available on Global Dialogues at www.globaldialogues.org.

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