Tue, Aug 27th, 2013
Three trustee positions at Hocking College were filled by a caucus of local board of education presidents from Athens, Hocking and Perry counties on Thursday, August 22, 2013. The caucus reappointed Andrew Stone and Robert Troxel of Athens County and Dr. Keith Taulbee of Hocking County.

Stone is a current Board member and the Director of Public Works for the City of Athens, Ohio. Additionally, since 2003, he has been an Engineer Officer in the Ohio National Guard.  On his application, Stone commented, "I believe Hocking is on the right track, heading toward a bright and exciting future as a pivotal part of both the state's completion agenda and K-16 initiatives in the Ohio public education system."

Troxel, currently the Chair of the Hocking College Board of Trustees, is the Chief of the Athens Fire Department.  Troxel stated, on his application, "I wish to continue my service to this institution of higher learning that is so essential to our region's success."

Dr. Taulbee, a Logan chiropractor, is also a current Board member.  On his application, he remarked, "The challenges we have faced and the relationships we have developed with the administration and full staff have been rewarding and very educational." 

The Hocking College Board of Trustees consists of nine members, three appointed by the Governor of the State of Ohio, and six appointed by the caucus. 
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