Tue, Oct 8th, 2013

Tobe Gillogly, Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) faculty, recently received the highest award a PTA can receive: Recognition of Advanced Proficiency.

Gillogly received this recognition in education this year and received the same award in pediatrics last year. She also was awarded the Pediatric Clinician of the Year Award, which is awarded to only one PTA in the United States.

For this award, Gillogly had to complete rigorous requirements including: five years of teaching experience, completion of 180 hours in the last year, 60 hours of continuing education in physical therapy within the last five years, 45 hours in the area of education alone, above average job performance evaluations, three activities that demonstrated leadership and she had to show contributions to her employer, profession and community.

Gillogly hopes this award will benefit her patients and students.

"I love teaching and I love my kiddos that I treat. It is an honor to be able to impact lives on multiple levels. I am constantly striving to better myself so that I can impact this world in a positive way that changes things, hopefully for the better," Gillogly said.

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