Fri, Mar 7th, 2014

Hocking students involved in the Advanced Energy Program were given the opportunity to turn their classroom knowledge into real world experience repairing a wind turbine at the Logan Campus. 

Electricity from the wind turbine is generated and sent to the locations in need throughout campus. The wind turbine's safety mechanism had been triggered due to strong winds, preventing its blades from turning and functioning properly.

Advanced Energy program instructor, Darin Hadinger, guided his class and second-year student and project manager Jeremy McDonald, through the repair. The students were required to rely only on teamwork and critical thinking to accomplish their goal.   

Carl Bridges, Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs, and Neil Hinton, Dean of the School of Engineering Technology, recognized the students for their accomplishment during a special presentation.

Read more about the wind turbine and what it took to repair it in the Logan Daily News

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